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Here's what just a few of our past students have to say
about using the Holistic Approach in their Business:

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John & Christina Obin John & Christina Obin
J & C Environmental Solutions, Inc.
Sales Managers
Certified Mold Inspectors

"I have been working for heating and air conditioning companies for about 25 years. We decided to start seeking our own business. Most of the homes here in Florida have some type of mold or indoor air quality issue. I heard about a National Certified Lab that had aligned themselves with an Institute teaching and certifying Air Quality Inspectors. I registered for the seminar course immediately. Since completing this training, I have been conducting about 2 - 3 inspections per week, averaging about $400 to $800 an inspection.

Upon completion of the course, we were introduced into the environmental opportunity business. This business was exactly what we had been looking for. We immediately signed up in the business. It gave us access to a whole line of air and water purification units for commercial and residential use. In addition, within three months I have been promoted to Sales Manager through the environmental company. We have earned a new bonus car! Managers working with the environmental equipment company average $93,000 yearly.* Adding the income from residential and commercial inspections to this figure has changed our financial status. My wife and I now work this home based business as a team.

I would definitely recommend this Holistic approach to an environmental business to anyone who wants to change their life. It has certainly changed ours!"

Joe Margolis Joseph Margolis, Sr.
J. D. Environmental Solutions, Inc.
Senior Manager / Certified Mold Inspector
Indoor Air Quality Specialist

"I have been involved in Indoor Air Quality for 11 years. The E.P.A has stated that Indoor air pollution is the number one environmental problem in the U.S. Although one could make a good living dealing with Air and Water purification, I came to learn that I was not doing a complete service for my customers.

Many of my customers suffered with allergies, asthma, sinus conditions. The air purifier would eliminate many of the contaminates floating in the air but I needed to get to the root of the problem. I heard about a great course that was being given on becoming a mold inspector.

I signed up for the course and during the class my eyes were opened for the first time to the inspection of mold through the eyes of science. Besides offering a more complete service to my customer, I have also been able to double my income by offering an inspection and the solution.

I would highly recommend taking the mold class if you are a HVAC company, plumber, home inspector, remediation, do home renovations, or you just want to add serious income to your household. In addition I would highly recommend joining the environmental product company. By combining the two income streams my income stream will exceed a six figure income in 2007."

"He is to examine the mildew on the walls."
Leviticus 14:37a

Here's what previous students had to say about our training events:

"I thought the class was very informative.  The speakers were friendly and had no problem answering our questions.  They brought in two credible references to speak with us and give us a unique insight into the business.  I would recommend this course to my family and friends."
Jerald P. from Alpharetta, GA

"I thought the class was quite informative. The presenters were quite knowledgeable in their fields.  The materials and visual aids placed a lot of leverage on the subject matter. I will most definitely use what I’ve learned in my personal & business endeavors."
Yolanda B. from Douglasville, GA

"Air Quality Inspection Course was very informative and entertaining. I wiould hightly recommend this course.  This should (will) brighten my future."
Marvin H. from Conyers, GA

"Enjoyed the class, looking forward to any follow up classes."
Robert B. from Lithonia, GA

"The mold certification course you presented was terrific. It was information packed and presented extremely well. I was impressed. Thank You so much. God Bless."
Bill M. from Belton, SC

"...The Mold Certification course was professionally presented, and easy to understand. Even I scored a 100% on the test that followed. I purchased my signs for my truck, and my air sampling equipment. It is just getting above the freezing temperatures in the mornings and now I will be doing some heavy advertising in the local papers to push this business foreward. If you are interested in a business of your own it is well worth the time and money to get this training."
Russell Jones

" I had the privilege of taking the Mold Certification class in Georgia given by Dr. Grady and Russell Mayeaux. Two words: Very Good! The teaching was very informative, and thorough. I have since been referring folks that I know and they are satisfied too. By becoming a Certified Inspector, I am now sub contracting with Aero Tech!"
Nate Boyd, Geneva, Ohio

"I must say there were a great deal I never new. I can only say that NOW knowing what I now know, and with the ability to help others, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!! THANKS A MILLION!"
Jerelee McGlotha Jr.,

"Class was a continuation of a subject I was briefly introduced to in my career. Course was well presented and expanded on what I had been previously introduced to. I learned a lot!"
Michael Ensor

"This class has been a very useful tool for getting to know about Mold Problems. This will give us enough knowledge to inspect the problem and satisfy the client. This is an excellent opportunity to learn this field of inspection with great instructors."
Ishrat Siddiqui

"Great Class. Videos were excellent. Instructor material flow and material was well presented."
Bob Jones

"I enjoyed the class today. All the instructors were cool and I well understood everything. I hope I do very well at this."
Jermaine Richardson

"These were very good instructors and I learned a lot and I think I will like being a Mold Inspector."
Pinkoe Johnson

"Very informative, with the documentation presented well organized. Excellent choice made on all visual content as well as a conducive environment."
Ronnie Timmons

"I think the course was very well organized. The instructors were very knowledgeable about the business. I was very pleased with this presentation. "
Brockston Watts

"I give this course an A+. The instructors were great. I learned a lot today about Mold and how dangerous it can be."
Julien Johnson

"The instructors were excellent. I was well informed, well prepared. I am ready to go to work!"
Gary Grizzell

"The class was friendly and very informative and very beneficial to starting your own company and how best to protect it."
Ken Slattery

"GREAT, WONDERFUL! I just loved it. I could understand everything the instructors presented."
Rukhana Burton

"Very Informative, Instructors were qualified, informative and professional."
Sharon Boswell