Frequently Asked Questions

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May I practice mold inspection in any state?

Our certification will prepare you to work as a Mold Inspector Contractor in all  states, with the exception of Texas. Louisiana has their own mold remediation school and testing, but we can teach the mold certification in this state.   With the mold inspection industry still in its infancy, it is hard to say if or when any state or federal agency will create and enforce regulations, or in fact if they have recently. However, those whom have been practicing inspection and or remediation will be at a distinct advantage when this date arrives. Contact your state government for updates on issues regarding regulations and certifications. Please see:

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How many hours does it take to complete the course?

Our classroom technique takes about 12 hours. If you order your packet early, study 4 - 7 days prior, acquainting yourself with the material the classroom work will be more beneficial. The test should take approximately one to two hours to complete which will be conducted through the corporate certification company.
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Will I be prepared to perform my first mold inspection or remediation once the certification is issued?

Definitely. Many of our students are able to perform their first inspection with complete professional results.
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What is the equipment startup cost?

An equipped inspector with the latest testing equipment and supplies should expect to spend from $279 for basic equipment to $400 for complete equipment. The training manual includes a description of inspection equipment.

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Is a degree in chemistry or biology necessary in order to understand the teaching and lab reports?

Absolutely not. A Certified Mold Inspector's duties are to professionally gather samples and inspect properties for indications of mold problems. It would be a conflict of interest for an inspector to perform an analysis of his or her own samples.

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Which laboratory should I use?

There are numerous laboratories that are equipped to perform indoor air quality and fungi analysis. However, only a handful specializes in this sort of analysis and is recognized by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. The course extensively elaborates on this topic and gives suggestions on whom to use.
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Where do I get my testing equipment and supplies?

There are numerous companies that offer inspector equipment and supplies. Our experience in the industry has helped us find not only the best sources of equipment but the best prices as well. Knowing where to order equipment and supplies will save you both time and money, as there are large discrepancies in the quality of suppliers. We have outlined whom we believe to be the best sources for inspection and remediation equipment in the book.
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Do I have a future in the mold inspection profession?

Absolutely, mold has been described as a quick growing hazard in our living environment. Your business will continue to grow as the people become more educated about the problems associated with mold. Indoor air pollution has now been named one of the most hazardous to our breathing resulting in many health problems.
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