Certified Microbial Remediation Consultant Course

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We now offer a full semester course on Mold and Microbial Remediation. The first focus of the mold course covers everything you need to know about mold, where it comes from, benefits of mold, how mold grows, how one becomes exposed to mold, mycotoxins and mycotoxicoses, mold on wood, identifying and studying different types of mold, analytical procedures, and the study of the IESO standard of practice for the assessment of indoor environmental quality.

The second focus of the mold course covers Physical Remediation, Bioremediation and uses of EPA approved Pesticides. Bioremediation uses naturally occurring microorganisms to degrade various types of wastes. Like all living creatures, microbes need nutrients, carbon, and energy to survive and multiply. Such organisms are capable of breaking down chemicals to obtain food and energy, typically degrading them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide, water, salts and other innocuous products. Pesticides sterilize the reproduction of mold spores. Good housekeeping, inspections, and spraying are taught to insure the safe home practice.

Cost of This Course: $799.00 Plus Books
Includes Certification Test for Certified Mold Inspector

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