Professional Mold Inspection Certification Training since 1992

Stachybotrys chartarum (atra): A Mold that may be found in water damaged homes!

The Professional Certification from MIUSA provides in depth, worldwide, ONLINE, distance training and in classroom settings for Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) and other related certifications.

We offer a complete mold certification business package that places you in business within two weeks.

The Professional Mold Inspection Certification Team will connect you to a certified lab that offers a complete business package consisting of the tools necessary to complete a mold inspection.

After you complete your training through The Mold Institute and pass your final exam you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will be put in touch with our web designer who will offer you a huge discount to build you a new personalized web site to market your local, regional mold inspection business. A lead source to build your customer base provided by a National Advertising group will be assigned to you. You will never run out of leads. You will also enjoy a one-year free association fee with The Mold Institute. You will be directed to the nearest Certified Lab where your samples are evaluated. There you will find life long professional help anytime you have questions on your mold inspection reports.

The Training to become a mold inspector Indoor Air Quality program was especially designed for Veterans but since the economy turned negative over the last several years the program has helped hundreds start their own business earning a very respectful income within their own community.

Mold Institute USA is a division of The Resource Center. All instructors and processors are volunteers.

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Discounted Online Mold Inspection / Air Quality Certification Course

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Learn everything you need to know about mold, and how to conduct a profitable business through this course. You will learn about different types of mold, how to test for mold, remediation for mold trouble spots and how to start your own mold inspection business. Upon course completion and passing your test you will receive your Mold Certification known in the industry as one of the most reliable certification available!

Why become a Certified Air Quality Specialist / Mold Inspector?
  • The cost of mold litigation is expected to cost the Real Estate industry substantially more than asbestos ever did.

  • The demand for mold inspectors and mold remediation experts is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

  • Most people are looking for a way out, making more money and having more free time.

  • The average income for a Certified Mold Inspector/Applicator ranges from $80,000 - $120,000  annually, with an even higher average estimated for those providing remediation services.

Why certify through MoldInstituteUSA.com?

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Since 1992 Our Institute utilizes professionals specifically selected to help you represent yourself with great credentials. We'll certify you to do mold inspections, and you can start your own business today! Our Mold Inspection | Indoor Air Quality Certification Business Referral Pack has everything you need to start your business!

The Mold Institute USA places you in a position to become more than a Certified Mold Inspector. The Resource Center teaches you how to create MULTIPLE streams of income through a holistic & economical approach to other business options. We have the solution for your success. The choice is yours.